Reading Festival 2023!

Thank you to everybody who helped organise, contributed to and took part in this year’s ISGR reading reading festival. We had a beautiful creative time up in the library redesigning book covers and a fab dress-up day. There was an extra special mystery reader for 2E and 4E, can you spot who it is in the photo with me? There were lots of reading related activities going on in classrooms and it was a complete pleasure to do the readathon with the children after school on Thursday.

Nothing warms the heart of a librarian more than a library full of happy, earnestly reading children! The children, through their silent reading, have raised an amazing 4340kr!! The most common suggestion was to use the money to help people affected by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria (many children had been reading about it in the First News newspaper in the library) so I’ve sent off this amount to Unicef who are currently working with children and families in the earthquake zone. Thank you to all the readers, sponsors and donors out there!

One small thing to mention before you look at the photos below, we have ended the subscription to Storytime magazine after a lot of delivery issues. If you were one of the families who had access to the Storytime Hub, this will also come to an end. Check out the online resources page on this blog for many alternative great story sites.

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