ISGR Winter Reading Challenge 20 – 21: Students’ Work

In this blog post, you will find one piece of work from each student who has successfully completed the ISGR Winter Reading Challenge. Some students have submitted all of their work in one document; in that case, their complete Challenge has been posted. We’ve had 88 students who participated, so the original idea to share everyone’s work on this library blog couldn’t be realized!

See if you can find your piece of work! What other imaginative, inspiring and fun completed challenges will you find along the way? Feel free to share this blog post with friends and family from all over the world. The more people who will feel inspired to read, write and be creative – the better! Right?

Happy browsing!

Gallery of Selfies

Gallery of Book Reviews and Book/Movie Comparisons

Gallery of Fantasy Animals

Gallery of Winter Stories

Gallery of Read Alouds

Avin in Swedish
Read Aloud in Chinese
Emese in Hungarian

Gallery of Redesigned Book Covers and Favorite Characters

Gallery of Altered Stories

Gallery of Winter Celebration Fact Sheets

Gallery of All-in-One

Hope you have found some inspiration for your next reading adventure among all that beautiful work!

Happy Reading!

News and Nya Böcker

We’re building up this blog post from small news to big news!

First of all: we’ve heard many great connections the students have made between the IB Learner Profile attributes and the stories they had read to them during their library lessons last week. It shows that the attributes are truly part of our education and day to day life in the classroom. And hopefully outside of the classroom too! Next time you read to your child (or your child reads to you), ask them about the Learner Profile attributes and what connections they can make. I bet they’ll share some very insightful connections with you!

As you could guess, the main goal of our library lessons is for students to get excited about reading, for students to read what they’re interested in, and to be able to share their reflections on what they’ve read. That can look and sound differently for everyone. As these photos of a first grade’s library lesson show you…

Take a look at our new books, mostly fiction in Swedish!

Wednesday, February 3rd is World Read Aloud Day! How better to celebrate than double your read loud time together that day? The report, The Rise of Read-Aloud, states that “Read-aloud time is unquestionably a beloved and important family event. We also know from previous analysis through the Kids & Family Reading Report that both being read aloud to 5–7 days a week before kindergarten and continuing this habit are key factors in predicting whether or not children ages 6–11 will be frequent readers.” If your child is old enough to read by itself, doesn’t mean it’s time to stop reading to him/her. You can even read one chapter to your child, and then your child reads one chapter to you! Get ready with World Read Aloud 2021 with literacy advocate Malcolm Mitchell.

We’ve got some exciting news about our aquarium! We’ve got seven new friends to round out the small ecosystem: three bottom feeders (brown/black), three molly’s (one white, one black and one orange), and a water snail eater (orange/black) as we keep having baby water snails. It’s tricky to take photos of fish, but I’ve got a few snapshots for you to introduce our new fishy friends (but none of the bottom feeders, unfortunately)!

We have received the custom-made book bags for all the students who have successfully completed the ISGR Winter Reading Challenge 20 – 21! Next week, students will receive their book bag during their library lesson. The bags are made in Sweden from recycled fibres, and printed with environmentally friendly ink. We are super excited!

A link to the work for the ISGR Winter Reading Challenge 20 – 21 can be found here.

That was the end of this post with lots of exciting news! Thank you for reading our library blog, supporting our school library and encouraging your child(ren) to read for fun!

Happy Reading!

Short & Sweet

This blog post is a little later than usual (and will be a little shorter than usual). My head was filled with all the wonderful, creative, and fun submissions for the ISGR Winter Reading Challenge 20 – 21. What a joy and a privilege to read, listen to and look at all the work that students have done to complete the Challenge. I think it is safe to say that this Winter Reading Challenge has been a success! Ninety students have successfully completed it. Based on the thoughtful, creative submissions, the happy faces of the students as well as the feedback from the parents; participating in the Challenge has been a positive and joyful experience for the children and their families. It was sweet to see the photos of the students reading with their parents, or hearing them read aloud together. Thank you all so much! One piece of work from each student will be posted on the library blog next weekend.

During our library lessons, we will continue our read alouds. We have been connecting the stories and its characters’ actions with the IB Learner Profile Attitudes. We will continue to do so. Next library blog, I will share some of the connections the students made.

It is quiet in the afternoons in the library, without library club. But we are happy to see that many students stop by to return their books and check out new ones. We continue to nurture a positive reading culture, even if we can’t have our special library events.

Happy Reading!


First of all a big thank you to our librarian Sophie and our guest teacher Danny! Due to cold symptoms, plus two symptom free days, I was home most of this last week. Sophie and Danny did a wonderful job. I was sad that I wasn’t able to start the new term with the students, but I felt gratitude knowing that Sophie and Danny were there to make the students feel welcome in the library!

Thank you to all the parents who have encouraged and supported their children in successfully completing the ISGR Winter Reading Challenge 20 – 21! Thank you for your submissions, whether digitally or on paper. Everyone should have received a confirmation email by now. We have received 48 completed challenges so far! From Foundation all the way through 5th Grade. If your child hasn’t submitted yet, the deadline is Tuesday, the 19th.

I have enjoyed reading, looking at and listening to the completed challenges. The creativity, effort and thought put into the work I’ve seen has been tremendous. It has lifted my spirits!

With permission, we will share some of the work (it’s too much to put everything on!) on our library blog. We will try to do that by the end of this month. All students who have completed their Winter Reading Challenge will receive their bookmark and cloth book bag by the end of this month as well.

In the next few weeks during our library lessons, we focus on reading aloud. In each grade, we will share different books and stories. Before and after our reading, we will connect it to the IB Learner Profile Attitudes. Our first read aloud library lesson, we will use the Learner Profile Attributes to answer the question: How can we make the most of our read aloud time?

In Foundation and 1st Grade we will read a story from the Storytime Magazine. In PYP 2, we will start the short and exciting chapter book Mission Fox by Justin D’Ath. In PYP 3, we will choose one story from the IB Ten Tales from Different Cultures series per lesson. In PYP 4, we will read one myth per lesson from the “Usborne Illustrated Myths from Around the World”. In PYP 5, we will read one short autobiography per lesson from “Stories for Kids Who Dare to be Different”.

We have got some more exciting new books to choose from:

New books!

Talking about exciting, our aquarium has some new inhabitants: baby guppies!

As usual, I would like to end the post with a library related comic.

Happy Reading!




Welcome to a new term! We hope you had a wonderful start of 2021.

With my “to read shelf” barely emptied, our family has acquired some more fantastic books to read in the next few weeks. We hope you had a rest- and readingful winter break too!

Covid-19 is not done with us yet, even though we might be done with it. It is teaching me to let go and be patient. Accepting that the virus is going to be here with us and that we have to adjust our behavior is the first step. This means, for example, accepting that this term we will not have our after-school library club meetings. So no board games, aquarium club, crafts afternoons, etc. Students are welcome to come after school to return books, to check out new ones – but no library club activities. Unfortunately.

Some challenges can be fun though. Like our ISGR Winter Reading Challenge! This is what parents have written about the winter reading challenge:

“Thank you for keeping the kids engaged in these dark winter holidays when there was nothing much to do. We enjoyed the challenge!”

“It is a great challenge which refilled our melancholic winter with a positive boost. Thanks!”

“Thank you for setting up this Winter reading challenge thus giving an opportunity for both the kids and the parents to work on a common objective with a joint effort. It was really fun for all of us.” 

Students can submit their Winter Reading Challenge work until the 19th of January. Please email all photos and recordings to with your child’s name and class in the subject field. Students can also hand in their work on paper to us, during their library lesson. All students who have successfully completed the challenge will receive a book mark, and a cloth book bag with a unique design by the end of this month!

During our library lesson next week, we will play a fun game to remind ourselves of our library rules. And of course we will share about the latest books we have discovered and read. We are looking forward to seeing everyone again!

Happy Reading!

Faithful Followers

Dear faithful followers of this library blog (and everyone else who happen to stumble upon this post!), I just wanted to take a moment to check in. I hope you had a joyful and relaxing first week of the Winter Break. If you celebrate Christmas, I hope it was beautiful! Maybe it looked something like this?

Follow Ilse on Instagram for more brilliant illustrations.

A friend of mine made this short movie (he is a filmmaker, and recently he taught himself how to use an animation program), and I just have to share it! I loves stories, and I love them better when people with creative minds put a humorous twist on them! Thanks, Wisse!

Rest me to wish you a good last few days of 2020, and an energetic and inspirational start of a healhty and happy 2021!

See you in January!

Happy Reading!

Happy, Healthy Holidays!

This could well be the last blog post of 2020! Unless we have urgent library news or a flash of inspiration that we have to share with you. But assume this is our “Happy, Healthy Holidays!” message.

Last week, the students enjoyed checking out books (“Really? We can check out books? Usually we can’t before the winter break!”), as well as coloring (and laminating!) their book marks. A few enthusiasts even came to the library on Friday (today) after school to color in some extras.

This afternoon, we’ve tidied and prepared the library so we are ready for our amazing students again in January! Take a look at the great new books coming out after the break (and more are coming. When we left school today, a batch of new books from AdLibris had just arrived):

We’ve put them up on our displays, ready for students to pick up, check out and read!

We’ve also freshened up our big notice board. It’s become a big reference point for the IB Learner Profile attitudes, literary genres, how to best pick a book, and our library routine & rules.

Now it is time to get your calendar, and take note of the following library events (if you want):

Remember to participate in the ISGR Winter Reading Challenge 2020! Students can start handing in their work on January 12th, and the latest on the 19th. Students get to pick a special book mark (which they’ve all seen this past week!) when they hand in their work. When we have “approved” it all (we’re looking for completed challenges that are done with care and attention. Take your time for it, no rush!), they will receive the one and only ISGR Winter Reading Challenge 2020 book bag! Made from 100% recycled fibres, printed with environmentally friendly ink.

Now we would like to wish you a restful, joyful and readingful Winter Break! We are looking forward to seeing you all in January, in good health and spirit!

And if you’d like, you can share in the comment section what you will be reading over the break with your child(ren)! Here’s my Winter Break reading fun:

Happy, Healthy Holidays!

Your Library Team,

Sophie & Fleur

Short and Sweet

Last week we introduced the ISGR Winter Reading Challenge 2020! It is totally voluntary, and we were happy to see many excited students starting straight away! We’d like to emphasize to please take your time for it, no need to rush it. The earliest it can be handed in would be on Tuesday, January the 12th, and the latest on the 19th. So dive in, have fun and play with it!

We will look at the submitted work carefully. We want to see students have put time and effort in completing the challenges, and that they’ve done so with care and attention. Some students were quick to hand in their “finished” work, to which we responded that they’ve made a great start, a good draft, but it’s not done yet. There’s a reason why it’s called a reading challenge!

For more detailed information about the ISGR Winter Reading Challenge, navigate to the Special Events page “ISGR Winter Reading Challenge” of this library blog. If you have any further questions, please contact Fleur:

We are happy to announce that next week, students are welcome to check out books during their library lessons! In the previous years, we had to deal with so much backlog and big re-organization projects that we used the week before the Winter Break to do these things. This year we are all up to date, and would like to encourage students to choose great reading material for their break!

Apart from checking out books, we will also color bookmarks. Students love doing this, and we have saved this special and relaxing activity for the end of the term. We will try to laminate the colored bookmarks before the end of their library lesson, so they can be used many times and will last for a while.

This post is short and sweet!

Happy Reading!

Your Library Team: Sophie & Fleur

The 171st Post

Wow, it was 170 posts ago that we started this library blog. The first post was on August the 27th, 2018. We currently have 105 followers of this blog, which means that 105 people will receive a notification as soon as something is posted. Some followers are ISGR parents, some aren’t (like my dad. He’s the biggest fan of our library.) Maybe you will become the 106th followers? The 107th?

I know, I know. It’s not about the quantity of things, but about the quality. Yes. But the more people in our ISGR community (and beyond, perhaps) read our library blog, the more they will realize how important and fun it is to read – and how they can support, encourage and inspire their children to read as well. Also, you will know exactly what is happening in our school library. How fun is that?!

Now back to library business.

Last week, students shared their ideas and wishes for the next Creative School events. Ideas ranged from clay/sculpting to drawing manga, from belly dancing to paper craft/art. We will collate all these ideas into a formal action plan, which we will then submit to the National Council of the Arts. After they have (hopefully) approved it, we can then start organizing the events we had written the action plan for. The events students have now expressed their wishes for, will take place next school year. It is long process, but it is worth it!

Next week, the focus will be on introducing the ISGR Winter Reading Challenge 2020. All students are invited to join. Students can start the challenge on December 14th. Here is how the ISGR Winter Reading Challange 2020 works:

The goal is to complete challenges that will add up to 80 points.

You can pick and choose challenges. You are allowed to repeat a challenge. 

You can complete the challenges in any language you wish. 

The last day to submit this completed form, and all your work, is the 19th of January, 2021.

With your permission, we would like to post the photos (of your work) or recordings you have created to complete the challenges, on our library blog. Email your photos or recordings to

All participants who have successfully completed challenges adding up to a total of 80 points, will receive a cloth book bag with a unique design as a memento of the ISGR Winter Reading Challenge 2020.

To download the ISGR Winter Reading Challenge 2020 form, visit this Special Events page of our libary blog. Students may pick up a printed copy during their library lesson, or they can choose a bookmark with a QR code, if they need to have some to think about it.

Our next board game session is next week as well. On Friday, December 11th all students from grade 2 and up are welcome to join us, from 14.30 until 15.00ish. Come one, come all!

A quick aquarium update: we were totally wrong about our guppies! We thought we had three females (one of which possibly pregnant) and two males. Nope. Turns out that they are all “teenagers”, one females and the other four males! One of our PYP 2 students and his dad gave us two more guppies; a fully grown female with one of her babies. They taught us a lot about guppies and their habitat. For example how to tell the males and females apart (shape of the fins), and what kind of water plants we need. Thank you Thejus and Jagadeesh! Later in the week, one of our LGRP 5 students brought four more male guppies to live in our tank! That should be plenty for a while. Thank you, Nevia and Boris!

We’ve got a practicality to end with; our library will close at 14.45 on Wednesday, 9th of December due to a meeting we need to attend. Thank you for your understanding!

That is the end of the 171st post! We are looking forward to a fun and varied week!

Happy Reading!

Sharing the Joy

Last week, we noticed how during our Quiet Reading Time of the library lesson, students often choose to read together. The main purpose of our library and the library lessons is that students get excited about reading their chosen “just right” book(s)! Sharing the joy of reading supports that idea.

We had fun playing board games last Friday. We even had two old PYP students come and visit us. Our next session is on Friday, December 11th from 14.30 until 15.00ish. Students from grade 2 and up are welcome to join us!

Conceição brought us some nice big plants for in our library. Beautiful to look at it, and good for the air in the library! She is also the one who beautified our reception and staffroom. If you are interested in following her and her flower/plant business, you can find her on instagram: @conceicaosgarden. Thank you, Conceição!

Last week, our library lesson was all about the aquarium and the fish. Questions were asked and agreements were made! A poster with all the questions will be posted up above the aquarium on Tuesday.

Students looked at the fish with a lot of interest, focus and full of wonder!

If your child likes to be part of the Aquarium Club, email Fleur by Monday, November 30th at the latest! We will meet on Thursday, December 3rd to decide who will be feeding/cleaning the fish when. We will take turns to feed the fish. It’s a little tricky feeding the fish with 20 students at the same time!. Parents who have registered their child, will receive an invitation/confirmation on Tuesday for the meeting on Thursday, December 3rd.

Next week during our library lesson, students will have a chance to express their wish for the next round of Creative School events taking place in the school year of 2020 – 2021.

In week 50 we will introduce the ISGR Winter Reading Challenge 2020! It will run from December 14th 2020 until January 15th 2021. Students who complete the ISGR Winter Reading Challenge 2020, will receive a cloth book bag (either made from recycled fibres or organic and fair trade cotton) with a fun ISGR Winter Reading Challenge 2020 print on it!

In week 51, the last week before the break, we traditionally had students return all their books so we can make an inventory of the books. We are so organized this year, that this is not necessary. So this year, students get to check out books over the winter break! During our library lesson, students can share what they will be celebrating during the winter break and of course they get to color bookmarks.

We are looking forward to three fun-filled weeks!

Happy Reading!