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We Are Ready! You Too?

We are excited to meet the new ISGR families on Monday! Please feel free to come up to the library, to take a look around. Take some time to read through the library routines on this blog. Thank you!

For all the returning families; welcome back! Please note our changed opening hours.

As always, we welcome volunteers in our library. Contact Fleur and Sophie if you’re interested (see contact page for details).

Here follow the “after” photos (see previous post for “before” photos) of the library.

Ready to read,

Sophie & Fleur

All The Good Things Take Time

“So… what do you when the students are not in the library?” is a question we, naturally, get asked sometimes. Well… this is what we do:

We overhaul the library and re-organize it to make it (even more!) user-friendly for our students. We’d like our students to feel excited about finding books, but not overwhelmed by the choices (because we do have a lot of books!). As you can see on the photos, we’re still in the process. The library will be organized, inviting and exciting by the time the students come back in August.

And of course, we’re getting ready for our new Graphics Section! Thank you, PTA!

Graphics section coming soon

For now, we’d like to wish you a wonderful, active and restful summer break.

And as always… Happy Reading! (Not sure what to read? Look at this list for recommendations and keep an eye out for fun (reading related) activities in the city library.)

See you in August!

Diverse Kids Reading


Wrapping Up And Rolling Out

Wrap Up (blog)

It is time to wrap up our school year. Sophie and I will be detectives when chasing overdue loans, archaeologists when looking for lost books, interior stylists when re-arranging the library, ruthless judges when we are weeding our non-fiction section, and finally – (teacher) librarians when we are planning book purchases, learning engagements and library activities for the next school year. As you can see, we’ve got a lot of wonderful things to do before the summer break starts up!

Books on Wheels (blog)After the summer break, we will be rolling out our new Graphics section. Because of a very generous donation of the PTA (50.000 SEK from the Winter Bazaar, so thanks to you too!), we are able to buy new shelves, seating as well as beautiful, recently published, age appropriate Graphic Novels, Comics and Manga fiction for the new Graphics section. We hope to have it all in place by the end of September. We don’t want to rush our book choices, plus we would like to involve the students in the selection of the books for the Graphics section. Young lady reading a book

Reading-with-KidsThe summer break for me, is a time of reflection. If you’d also like to take a moment to reflect on your own parenting in relation to encouraging your child to read a lot – click here. I agree with every point in the article, except for point 6. Of course, don’t punish your child for not reading, but no need to read for rewards either. Read this article by Alfie Kohn to understand why!

Read Aloud Comic

Summer Reading ChallengeSummer is a time to be outdoors, explore new places, go on adventures and many other of these amazing endless activities. But it is also a time to read! Your child is (still) welcome to join the ISGR Summer Reading Challenge. (Please excuse my one jumbled sentence in the form!).

Download the form: ISGR Summer Reading Challenge 2019

Here are some last dates for the calendar: 

If you have ordered books via the Scholastic Books Club/Sale, your child will receive the books on Monday, June 10th or Tuesday, June 11th. We’ve had some hiccups with the delivery, but the books should arrive tomorrow! (Monday, June 10th).

On Wednesday, June 12th the library will close at 15.00 due to the preparation for the end of year ceremony on the last day of school.

After feedback from the students who are participating in the ISGR SDG Book Club, we will not have our second meeting on Wednesday June 12th during lunch break (it is their last lunch break of the year!), but we will pick it back up in August!

The library will be open on Monday through Thursday during school time to return your (overdue) school library books, if needed! The library is open Monday and Tuesday until 16.00 as well.

Have a great week!

A Reader's Manifesto



Library Dates!

Today’s post is about dates and times of things happening in the library. So pull out your calendar and a pencil (or phone?!), and save the dates!

Only returning books: The students will have their last library lesson next week (3 – 5 June). Please remind your child(ren) to return ALL their library books. Next week is also the time when we go through all accounts and check for overdue books. You might receive an email with the question if you could please look for this or that book, and return ASAP. The library is open in week 24, if students still need to return books. Thank you in advance for your support!

Yellow Box: On Tuesday, June 4th, you are invited for the portfolio afternoon at school. Stop by our library (between 14.30 – 15.30) to have a look at our books from the Yellow Box. All these books have been withdrawn from our library, and are free to a good home. 

SDG Book Club #2 Zero Hunger: Our second SDG book club session takes places NOT on Monday, 10th June after school, but on Wednesday June 12th during the lunch break (12.50 – 13.20). I will communicate this to the students who attended the last session. If your child is interested in participating in this second session, they’re welcome to!

ISGR Summer Scholastic Book Club/Sale: The Scholastic Books you have ordered are on their way (sent from England today!). We are hoping they will arrive before or on June 5th. This will allow us (library volunteers and I) to sort them out and get them ready to hand out to the students. Students will receive their books on Monday, June 10th.

In next week’s blog, we would like to reveal our re-organization plans for the library, as well as our plans with the generous donation from the PTA!

I would like to end this post with a visual explanation from Kath Murdoch of what teaching through inquiry is. Last week, four colleagues and I were lucky to attend an inspiring two-day course “Nurturing agency through inquiry in the PYP classroom” by Kath Murdoch. It got my mind going with a few new ideas for next year… Teachers are also inquiring learners!



Scholastic Book Sale

Dear ISGR Parents,

There are only 2 days left to order from our Summer Scholastic Book Club. Just go to to browse the latest books and place your order. The sale closes Sunday, May 26th at midnight.

Every €1 you spend on this month’s Book Club will earn 20¢ for our school in Scholastic Rewards. We have received 2510 SEK in rewards so far! Thank you so much!

On our current shopping list we’ve got the Tom Gates series book 1 – 12, I Survived pack (5 books), Roblox: The Essential Guide, Minecraft Guides pack (3 books), the first two books of the new mythology-based series Aru Shah, Diverse Voices pack (5 books), and two Little Leaders books. If more people order, we could add: Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre pack (4 books)Tales From… India/Africa/The Caribbean (3 pack), and maybe even Guinness World Records 2019!

After the sale closes on Sunday, May 26th – the books will be shipped within two days. We are hoping to have received them by the 4th of June. We will then spend the 5th of June (with our generous library volunteers!) re-sorting and organizing the books into the orders that were placed. We hand out the books to the students on Monday, June 10th (rather than the last day of school, June 13th, as I had communicated earlier to you). If your family leaves before the 10th, and you have placed an order, please email me (if you haven’t yet!) and we can prioritize your order.

Thank you ALL for sharing the joy of reading with your child(ren). It’s my job, responsibility and passion to do so – but for you it is one of the many parenting choices to make. So thank you for choosing to read with and to your child! Need inspiration? Read this and this.

Happy Reading!

Author Ali Sparkes “in” 3E’s Classroom


As part of their unit of inquiry; “Advances in digital technology have a direct impact on our lives,” as well as their writing unit focusing on the fantasy genre, all PYP 3 students got the opportunity to have a Skype interview with UK based author Ali Sparkes!

It was a great success! We learned about her writing life (it was funny and, at times, sad) and her books. She showed us lots of props to help communicate her story, and there were some fun interactive parts too! We also took a moment to reflect on conducting an interview using digital technology like Skype.

We hope to welcome Ali back some time! In real life, or virtually!