Week 3: Read Alouds and Reviews

Dear Reader,

Welcome back to another blog post with library updates!

General Library News

Today is the last day to have handed in the answer sheet for the ISGR Winter Reading Challenge 21 – 22! If your child has forgotten it, you can take a photo of the answers and email it to fleur.doornberg-puglisi@staff.isgr.se. 64 students participated! This means we need to figure out how to accommodate us all (we won’t fit in the library!) and still be covid-smart! We will get back to you about the Matilda Movie Night ASAP!

PYP Library Times

Last week, we got back in our routines. We played a game, reminded ourselves of the library rules, and shared our book discoveries. This week, we will move on to new read alouds! In the Foundation and First Grade classes we will continue to read one picture book a week. This week in the Foundation classes, we will read There’s no Dragon in this Story by Lou Carter, which connects to their overarching unit of inquiry focused on stories. In the First Grade classes, we will read Be Kind by Pat Zietlow Miller, which is connected to their overarching unit of inquiry focused on choices.

In PYP 2, we will read The Tales of Bunjitsu Bunny, by John Himmelman. In PYP 3, we will read the first book in The Lost World Circus series; The Last Elephant, by Justin D’Ath. In PYP 4, we will read The One and Only Ivan, by Katherine Applegate. In PYP 5, we will read Holes, by Louis Sachar. All excellent books, that are perfect for read aloud and connected to many aspects of our IB curriculum: the IB Learner Profiles Attributes and Key Concepts for example. We will take our time before or after the read aloud sessions to discuss what we’ve read and how we can connect it to our lives and learning in the classroom. We’ve already had a few exciting scorpion stories shared today!

In the next few weeks, we will also review our library learning goals we came up with in the beginning of the year. (The students laminated them into bookmarks. So please remind your child to bring their bookmark if they usually don’t!). While students are looking for books and reading during the library lesson, I will have a check-in with each student about their library goal. We’ll take a minute to reflect and see if they want to adjust/change your goal. Questions I might ask: Did you achieve your goal? Rate on a scale of 0 – 10. What helped you achieve your goal? What stood in the way of achieving your goal? Would you like to keep your goal, adjust your goal or create a new one? What will help to achieve your goa? I’ll take notes, and record all the (adjusted) goals. The idea is that having a library learning goal, gives us a sense of overall purpose during library lessons and a way of staying focused on what your reasons are to make the best of our library time.

Happy Reading!


p.s. Sophie will be back this week. Hurray!

Week 2: Welcome back!

Dear Readers,

Welcome back to school, welcome back to your school library! We hope you had a restful and fun break, with lots of reading and book discoveries!

General Library News

We hope many students have answered the ten questions for the ISGR Winter Reading Challenge 21 – 22! Students hand in their answer sheets during their first library lesson of this term. This means Monday 17/1 is the last day to give your forms to us! By the end of next week, we will then know how many students have participated, if we can have the Matilda Movie Night (or if we need to postpone it due to the new regulations), and if we can – how many Matilda Movie Nights we will need to organize! We will keep you posted, of course!

We’re a bit behind with the Storytime magazine, but number 88 is out (as well as 89, but that one is still on its way to us from England) and soon available in our library! Check out THIS resource pack, with lots of information on different festivals.

We’ve got a trial subscription to the Storytime Hub. There, you can read and listen to all the stories from the Storytime Magazine. A wonderful reading resource!   If you’d like to to try it out, email me at fleur.doornberg-puglisi@staff.isgr.se and I’ll make you an account which will be accessible until 28/2. Update 10/1, 7.17 PM: All 20 accounts have been given out now. I will contact Storytime Hub to see if we can get more trial accounts.

PYP Library Times

This week, during our library lesson, we will start with playing the conductor’s game and we will have a moment of check-in after the holidays. We will remind ourselves of the library lesson rules and routines. We will also share a book you’ve discovered or read (but not Matilda, please). So students can bring any new book discoveries to their library lesson this week! All genres and languages welcome, of course! If they’d like, they can tell us about their book and why they were excited to read it. I will share the book discovery I did during these past holidays: Treasury of Magical Tales From Around the World by Donna Jo Napoli and illustrated by Christina Balit. For each class, I will read a different story – depending on their current unit of inquiry.

My book discovery

We’ve got some new books on our displays!

Students have enjoyed borrowing and reading these non-fiction titles, so we keep this up for a little while longer.
All of the fiction titles from our Scholastic Book Sale are now cataloged and available! We’ve still got some non-fiction title to come…
Elise Gravel writes and illustrates a variety of books, and we love them! If Covid-regulations permit, she will be visiting our school to work with our students in May!

We are looking forward to a readingful term!

See you soon!

Wonderful Winter Break!

Dear Readers,

This is the last blog post of this term! Poof! The term went like that. Very fast.

We wish you a wonderful, restorative and joyful winter break. We are looking forward to seeing you all in January again!

General Library News

Join our ISGR Winter Reading Challenge 21 – 22! Read all the information you need HERE. To find detailed information about how to get a hold of the book Matilda, read THIS blogpost.

Sophie is covering and cataloging our new Scholastic Books we have acquired through our rewards (thanks to your purchases!). Here are a few more we can add to our library collection:

PYP Library Times

Today and tomorrow, I will read a few classic Christmas stories I brought from home to share with the students:

Students are welcome to check out books and read them over the holidays. If students are traveling, and would rather not check out books in fear of losing their library books, we understand that too.

Students can use their library time this week to color in a winter-themed bookmark, if they’d like. We’re looking forward to some cozy quiet reading time as well. We’re winding down these last two (PYP) days, ready for our winter break.

Happy Reading!

Fleur & Sophie

Mid-week Matilda Update

Dear ISGR Families, 

Many students have asked us how to get a hold of a copy of Matilda since all our copies at the school library are checked out.  The easiest answer is to go to the public library. You can click HERE to see which local library is closest to you. 

You will need an account at the public library. It is free and easy to make. You can register HERE online, if you are over 18 years old. If you want your child to have their own library card, you have to go to your local library to arrange that.  

If you, as an adult, have a library account, you can also download the free app Libby. You use your library account to log into Libby, and then you can borrow Matilda as an e-book as well. With beautiful color illustrations! 

As mentioned before, you can also listen to Matilda.  

Of course, there is always the option of buying Matilda. You can get it at AdLibris for 80 sek. Or download it on your kindle.  

Let us know if you have any questions! 

Happy Reading! 


Week 50: Winter Reading Challenge 21 – 22

Dear Readers,

Today’s post is all about the ISGR Winter Reading Challenge 21 – 22!

Are you ready?

Your challenge this winter break is to read, or listen to, Matilda by Roald Dahl. Then you have to answer the questions on the form below! (We have a form in Swedish and English).

Return your form (with the answers to the questions) after the winter break to Sophie or Fleur. Pretty straightforward!

When you have answered all questions correctly, you can join us for the Matilda movie night in the library on January 21st! If we have many participants, we will do several viewings. This also depends on the regulations around Covid-19.

If you don’t manage to borrow Matilda from our school library, you can go to your local library and loan Matilda there.

If you don’t have a library card yet, it is free and easy to get one!

With your library card, and the Libby App, you can borrow the e-book version (with full color illustrations!) of Matilda for free as well.

If you would rather listen to Matilda, you can find the audiobook on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSLCZSkU6qk (Roald Dahl | Matilda – Full audiobook with text (AudioEbook)). In Swedish, you can listen to it here: https://sverigesradio.se/grupp/34820


Don’t try to answer the questions by watching the movie.

You can find the right answers only by reading the book!

Good luck, have fun and happy reading!

Sophie and Fleur

Week 49: So Many Happy Days!

Dear Readers,

Happy St. Niklaus Day! Happy Finnish Independence Day! Happy Nobel Day (10/12)! Happy Human Rights Day! (10/12)

General Library News

And… Happy Book Receiving Day! All the Scholastic Book Orders have arrived, have been sorted out and are waiting to be given to our students.

With such a tremendous amount of orders, came a tremendous amount of free books for us! So thanks again! Sophie has already covered and cataloged a bunch. More is coming soon!

We will be holding a Winter Reading Challenge again this year! It is focused around reading (and finishing) the book Matilda by Roald Dahl. We have got quite a few copies in our library, but not enough for everyone who wants to participate. So if you want to get ahead of the game, get your copy of Matilda from your local library or your local (or online) bookstore. There will be an option to listen to the audiobook as well, which is free – both in Swedish and English. All the details will come in next week’s blog post, but I thought I’d give you a heads up: if your child wants to participate in the Winter Reading Challenge, they’ll need a copy of Matilda to read (or borrow a device to listen to the audiobook).

PYP Library Times

This week’s library lessons are focused on our read alouds, and stories and books we can connect with it, both fiction and non-fiction. For example, in the Foundation classes, we will be reading We Found a Hat by Jon Klassen. I will share similar picture books, as well as non-fiction titles addressing honesty and fairness. Another example; in fourth grade, we will read The Bell of Atari, An Italian Story, which we will connect to Human Rights Day (10/12, also Nobel Day!) and non-fiction titles about Italy. Connections will also come up sponatenously, based on what the students contribute to our reflections after we read the stories.

Happy Reading!

Week 48: Winter Tales

Dear Readers,

Snow has fallen, temperatures are below zero. I can’t think of a better time to, after you’ve been outside for some play time, curl up on the couch with a hot chocolate and a good book!

General Library News

If all goes according to plan, UPS will deliver our Scholastic Book Club orders this Wednesday. In ten boxes! On Friday, when there are no students in the building, all the books will be sorted out into the separate orders you have placed. Next week during their library lesson, your child(ren) will receive their ordered books. Hurray!!!

Sophie has discovered a great resource about children’s books in Swedish: Svenska Barnboksakademin. They are a group of people who support authors and children’s literature. Their goal is to inspire people to read. For their English website, click HERE. They’ve created beautifully illustrated “17 reasons to read” resources, which are inspirational for all readers – parents, teachers and children.

The new Storytime magazine is here, and with that comes a new pack of resources. You can read more about this issue, and the stories behind the stories, on their blog HERE.

We have planned our next Board Game Afternoon! It will take place on the last Friday of term, December 17th. You can bring your own game and ISGR friends, or you can join in with one of our games and make new friends! We hope to see many of you there!

PYP Library Times

We will start each library lesson with a book talk about our new non-fiction titles. We’ve recently acquired several great fact book series, published by World Book: Cool Tech series, Your Favorite Brand series and Robot series.

This week, we will focus our read aloud sessions on the following questions:

What is your favorite character in this story, and why?

What is your least favorite character in this story, and why?

Where is this story set? (Where does this story take place?)

What new words have you learned during this read aloud session?

We are looking forward to some great discussions!

Happy Reading!

Week 47: Being Thankful

Dear Readers,

In our family we celebrate Thanksgiving. As a matter of fact, we celebrated last Saturday. It is good to pause and reflect for a moment, to really know and feel what you are thankful for. What are you thankful for?

General Library News

Thank you for your Scholastic Book Club orders last week! The finalized order has been put through, and we are expecting the books in the first week of December (fingers crossed!). One of the students asked today, “What if they’re not there then?” I guess we will just have to wait. The good news is that our school library got to choose free books worth £500! We chose a range of books: fact books (including the newest Pokémon Encyclopedia, but also environmentally focused titles), popular fiction (Tom Gates, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Shoe Wars, and much, much more!), Julia Donaldson picture books, fact and fiction by underrepresented voices, minecraft fact and fiction, a bunch of new graphic novels (including the Babysitter’s Club box!), and some great new titles that we don’t have anything of in our library. We are super excited! Thanks again!

We had great fun with our board game session last Friday. It was wonderful to see both LGRP and PYP students in the mix! This way we contribute to our school well-being goal: “At least 60% of our students have a friend in the other section”. We hope to repeat this once more before the end of term. The date of our next board game afternoon will be announced next week on the blog!

We’ve just got in some excellent new non-fiction books. It is the “Cool Tech” series published by World Book. These books are thoroughly researched and the information is presented in a way so it is accessible to most fourth and fifth grade students. It is hard to keep our technology book up-to-date, so we are very happy with this new series.

Last week, our library sessions focused on expressing what the students are most interested in learning and doing when it comes to the Creative School workshop options. There are several LGRP classes that still need to vote. When we have collected all the results, we will share what workshop content had been voted on the most. Stay tuned!

PYP Library Times

Last week, we continued our read alouds as we will this week. This week, in the PYP F and PYP 1 classes, we will be listening to an Ukrainian story titled “The Mitten”. This story comes out of the newly published “Winter Tales” by Dawn Casey. I love anthologies with stories from all over the world, so when I saw this in the book store, I couldn’t leave it! In PYP 4, we will read a story from that same anthology, called “Tanuki’s Gold”, a folk tale from Japan. With both stories, we will show fact and fiction books connected to these stories.

In PYP 2, 3 and 5 we will continue with our read aloud titles we have read thus far.

With all classes, we will focus on the “Connect & Wonder” thinking routine. This means that after the story, we pause and think about connections we can find with the story. For example, one student said today, “I am scared too sometimes, like Polly was” (Polly in the Mr. Gum story by Andy Stanton) or “I dove once from a 23 meters height into the water and it hurt!” (after reading about the kindergarten teacher from St. Nicolai who jumped into a 25 meters deep mineshaft to save her three year old student. They both survived. This story can be found in “Stories for Kids who Dare to be Different”).

We are looking forward to a reflective and readingful week!

Read, listen and play!

General Library News

This weekend, I read in the Göteborg Direkt newspaper (see article below) that Gothenburg is the UNESCO City of Literature of 2021! Read more about the process behind it HERE. We’re looking forward to many literary events in the city with the funding they’ve received.

Göteborg Direkt, 13/11/21

The City of Gothenburg, and its network of libraries, publicly promote reading aloud every day. Every for a minimum of 10 minutes. From the earliest age you can imagine, to much older than you think. Yes, you’re 2 and your 12 year old will both enjoy being read to.

The new Storytime is available in our library! Download the resources pack here:

We can have our ISGR Library Club again! This club holds different events, like board game afternoons and book groups. Everyone in grade 2 and up are welcome to join. No need to sign up, just show up with a smile on your face!

This week, during our library sessions in both the PYP and LGRP classes, we will ask students to vote on five Creative School workshop options: junk sculptures, working with textiles, drawing manga, painting techniques, and experimenting with instruments. Their votes will accumulate into a ranking, which gives us a direction as to what kind of Creative School workshops we can organize for next school year (2022 – 2023). Their expression of interest will inform our action plan, which we will submit to the National Council of Arts in January (2022).

So far, the ISGR Scholastic Book Club has been very successful! The last day to order is this Wednesday (17/11)! Thank you to those who have already placed their orders. We have received almost 2000 SEK in rewards! We’ve chosen most of the books on our wish list (including the latest Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Tom Gates). We’re hoping to add the Pokémon Super Extra Deluxe Essential Handbook!

There are only two days left to order from our latest ISGR Scholastic Book Club. Just go to https://eu-schools.scholastic.co.uk/int-school-of-gothenburg/digital-book-club to browse the latest books and place your order.


Every €1 you spend on this month’s Book Club will earn 20¢ for our school in Scholastic Rewards.

We expect to finalize the order this Wednesday, and we hope to books will arrive in the first week of December. We will keep you posted, of course.

PYP Library Times

During our library lessons, we will focus on the Creative School voting process. But we will also, of course, continue with our read aloud stories!

In the F and 1 classes, this means some new fantastic picture books. In the second grade classes, we will continue with Mr. Gum. In third grade, we read more Sideways Stories from Wayside School. In fourth grade, we will dive into another Thanksgiving story. In the 5 classes, we randomly pick a life story to read from Stories for Kids Who Dare to be Different.

Happy Reading!

Week 45: The Week After

Welcome back to school! We hope you had a relaxing and fun Reading Break/Läslov! Did you manage to complete the reading bingo?

General Library News

Our new Scholastic Book Club is up and running! Go to https://eu-schools.scholastic.co.uk/int-school-of-gothenburg/digital-book-club to browse the latest books and order online. For every €1 you spend on the ISGR Scholastic Book Club, our school library will earn 20¢ in Scholastic Rewards.

Please place your order online by November 17th, 2021.

This week during the library lesson, all students will receive a Scholastic Books catalog with a selection of the books. There are many more books to choose from when you go to the link above! The ordering and paying happens online, so need to fill out any forms or give us cash.

Wednesday, November 17th is the last day to place your order. Once we have finalized the order, the books will be shipped to our school. We will distribute the books to all the students. Scholastic reassured us that all students will receive their books well before the Winter Break.

The reason why we run this Scholastic Book Club (= Book Sale!) is that the school library receives 20% free books. This means that for every book ordered, we receive points. With these points we can “buy” books. All the free books we receive from this book sale, will go to our school library.

Thank you for your support!

PYP Library Times

It is Non-Fiction November! This week, we highlight the non-fiction titles that are new in our library.

This week, during our library lessons, students will be encouraged to be critical readers when they are learning from our new non-fiction books. We, for example, noticed that the “influencer series” presented mostly the positive side of being a gaming, toy or style influencer. It didn’t bring up any questions to consider. For example, what it would be like to be dependent on the “likes” of others on social media, or the fact that you maybe don’t have as much freedom to make your business choices as you think. Who is influencing who? When you are reading fact books with your children, search together for different perspectives presented to help you discuss a balanced view on the topic. What is your opinion? And what do you base this on?

We will use our library lesson to hand out the Scholastic Book Club leaflets as well, and of course we continue our read alouds.

Happy Reading!