Shared Reading and Read Aloud

Last Week (41)

There are all kinds of reading. Reading quietly, silently. Reading independently, reading with help. Reading aloud to parents, or parents reading aloud to their children. Reading for pure pleasure, reading to become a better reader. Last week, we noticed how much our students like shared reading. The joy of sharing a story, a fact, an illustration multiplies the engagement students have when they are interacting with their book. Here’s a mosaic of shared reading last week:

Last Monday, we had our Library Club: Board Games Afternoon. We played Dixit, and it was very fun! Lots of imaginative ideas and interpretation connected to the visuals flew over the table. Our next Board Games Afternoon is on Friday, October 25th (the last school day before Höst Lov/Fall Break.)

The level of excitement for the Board Games Afternoons, and the lack of interest for the Story Time and SDG Bookclub events, have led us to decide to not run the Story Time and SDG Bookclub activities – but instead increase the frequency of the Board Games Afternoons! We will run them every other Monday, and every other Friday (to give people the chance to join if they can’t make it on one of the days). In the blog post of 3/11, we will announce the exact dates.

This Week (42)

This Monday, instead of our SDG Bookclub, we will have a Library Lovers meeting with all the student library helpers who have been eagerly and excitedly helping out in the library after school. We will discuss what it means to be a student library helper, and that with rights come responsibilities! We will also introduce signing up to help out, which means two Library Lovers can be student library helpers per afternoon.


On Wednesday (October 16th) you will find Yvonne with Usborne Books at our school. Her stall is placed on the floor just above the reception. You are very welcome to stop by and browse the books. Remember that with each purchase, you support our school library!

This week during our library time, we will present and discuss our Library AgreementsLibrary Agreements Visual and Library Agreements. We will also focus on our Read Aloud novels and picture books. If you would like to learn more about the importance of reading aloud to your child, we have got an amazing resource in our library, called “The Read Aloud Handbook.” It has a large section just with recommendations. You are welcome to check it out from our school library!

The Read Aloud Handbook

Also, check out the Global Read Aloud initiative. We have ordered both The Bridge Home and Stella Díaz Has Something To Say, and they will be available in our library within a few weeks!

Looking Ahead (Week 43)

In week 43, we celebrate our International/Culture Week at ISGR, build around October 24th; UN Day. Every afternoon, there will be after-school activities in the library. All students, parents and teachers are invited. No sign up needed, just show up! (Remember, this is not the upcoming week, but the week after!). Take a look at the poster to see what is happening! We are looking forward to see many of you there! Culture Week (43) in the Library

As always; Take care & Happy Reading!

Tree of Pages

Week 41: A Short Message

A short (and mostly visual) message this week!

First things first: Monday, October 7th (tomorrow!) we will play board games after school in the library. From 14.30 – 15.30. I will lead a game of Dixit. Students are welcome to play chess, or bring a game from home to play.

Last week, students brainstormed for ways to assure that we can all read, relax, find a book and have fun in the library. Here’s the result:


These ideas will result into our library agreements.

Next week, we will practice choosing a “just right” book. We will either use the Five Finger Rule, or the I-PICK method. Our Word and Quote of the Week support the idea of finding a good fit book.

We have witnessed some great student agency in action! A few PYP 5 students have showed interest in helping out in the library from 14.30 – 15.00. These students help with returning and shelving books, helping other students check out their books, as well as whatever else needs to be done! They have dubbed themselves “Library Lovers” with badges to go with!

We are excited for another week full of “just right” books and reading!


Usborne Books Pre-Order and Week 40

Here we are again! The weeks just fly by!

I didn’t have much chance to talk with the students about the Banned Books, so we will continue with the display – and keep the Quote and Word of the Week up as well.

In Week 40, we will focus on our Read Alouds and we will brainstorm library agreements. The goal of the agreements is to support what students have expressed they want to do in the library: read, relax, check out books and have fun! Each class will generate two or three agreements, which I will then put together into one set of library agreements for everyone who enters the library. Next week in the blog post, you will find out what these agreements are!

Our displays this week are connected to the International Children’s Day celebrated on Monday, October 7th in Sweden. This is a day to celebrate children! We have pulled out a bunch of books about children all over the world, as well as fun (indoor) games to play with the whole family. All of the books on the Swedish display are new, as well as the picture books Sophie recently cataloged.


And here are some more new books:


Soon we will also honor the Universal Children’s Day, celebrated on November 20th, when in 1959 the UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child. It is also the date in 1989 when the UN General assembly adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child. More about that in November!

On Monday, September 30th, we will have Story Time for our Library Club. Parents and siblings are invited too! I will read a story, and then we will do some drawing and storytelling ourselves. We start at 14.40, and wrap up around 15.15.

Usborne Independent organiser

On Wednesday, October 16th Yvonne will be at our school with the Usborne Books! It is the day the Developmental Talks will be held, and you are welcome to come and browse the books. You can find Yvonne on the landing above the reception. She will be happy to help you find the right books for you! The school library will receive a percentage from the books Yvonne sells, and with that credit we can choose beautiful Usborne Books for our library. So you are enriching your family’s reading environment while supporting our school library! 

As always, you will be able to pre-order books. You can pre-order until Thursday, October 3rd! Yvonne will bring the books to school on that day, and you can pick it up from her book stall. Email Yvonne directly: Please don’t order from the website! But you can browse the catalog so you can let Yvonne know what you would like to order: Usborne Catalog.

We are looking forward to another great week!

Happy Reading!


Banned Books Weeks and More

There is a lot going on this week, even though it is only a four day week for the students!

Last Week

On Monday, we had our first SDG Book Club meeting. It turned out that the students enjoyed reading the SDG comics independently. The book I had planned for Read Aloud, “What what what!”, was read by two students – reading it to each other. I am curious to see what will happen during our next SDG Book Club meeting on October 14th!

Sophie and I went graphic novel, manga and comics hunting at the Sci-fi Bokhandeln in town. We spent nearly two hours browsing and checking out the books there. We now have a list of age-appropriate graphic novel, manga and comic books to be purchased before the winter break. We will also take some time at the city library and hear from the librarians there which graphic novels and manga book are popular, appropriate and fun. We are excited to expand our graphics section in our school library! If you have any book tips, please let us know!

Here’s a taste of the library atmosphere. This class had to get ready to go to lunch, but I didn’t want to disturb them! The students were so focused and relaxed, without much guidance. Alas, they couldn’t stay…

This Week

Our Word of the Week is “Censorship”, which is connected to the International Banned Books Week. The Quote of the Week comes from the most challenged book in the 1990s. Can you guess in which book this quote belongs?


It is important that our students understand what a privilige it is to be able to access many different books, on many different topics. Even when these topics are controversial and not part of the mainstream thinking. Students will be surprised that some books that are so normal for them to read, are acutally banned in some part of the world. For example, Captain Underpants and Harry Potter! You can read here which books are banned and challenged frequently and consistently.


As a continuation of last week’s “Healthy People, Healthy Planet” focus, we have a display in our library to encourage students to inform themselves about the climate change. On Friday, September 27th there is a Global Climate Strike from 3 – 5 pm in town (Kungsportsplatsen). Let’s use our voice!

Learner Agency


And of course, in the library we also have the recycling bins provided by our Green Flag Committee – just like in all the classrooms.



Connected to choice and ownership, one of the displays focuses on organic farming, vegetarian cooking and eating well. Invite your child to inquire into the food they are eating. Where is it coming from? How is it grown? How did we prepare it? How does it affect my body?


This week (wk 39) during our library time, the students will participate in a scavenger hunt. The goal is for students to know exactly where and how they can find the different kinds of books we have in the library: Swedish/English. Fiction/Non-Fiction. Rainbow Readers, Audio Books, Graphics. Picture books. A variety of genres… And so on!

The Week After

In week 40, we will gather our thoughts and work on library agreements. In preparation for that, I have collated the students’ ideas on what kind of place the library is and how we take care of the library. We will keep the “What if” posters up as well.


We are looking forward to a great week!

Happy Reading!


Healthy People, Healthy Planet

In week 37, we were busy practicing checking out our books correctly. The students did so successfully!

We had lots of requests from first and second graders for shorter, fun chapter books they could read on their own. So we pulled out a bunch (they are in the general fiction section, usually), and laid them out on the floor – and later up on a temporary display. We love hearing from the students what they like to read and what kind of books they are looking for!


Next week (week 38) is Healthy & Sustainability Week at our school. All staff and students will be focusing on our theme, “Healthy People, Healthy Planet”. In the library, we have put up several displays to encourage students to choose books connected to this theme. Being informed about healthy choices for yourself and the planet, leads to action!

Our Word of the Week is “Perspective”, one of the IB Key Concepts. The Quote of the Week comes from “Voices in the Park” by Anthony Browne. Anthony Browne is the master of thought-provoking picture books, where the concept of perspective is always at play. Listen to and watch Voices in the Park, an extended version of Voices in the Park, Zoo, and What If… All great stories by Anthony Browne to explore the concept of perspective.

We will we use “perspective” as a tool to discuss the question, “How do we want to treat each other in the library?”. We will explore this question using scenarios that often occur. For example, two students want the same book. Or many students need our help at the same time. We use photos as our starting point for our conversation.

On Monday, September 16th, we have the SDG Book Club in which we will read about and discuss the SDG #2: Zero Hunger and #3: Good Health and Well-being. We will read and work with the story What What What? by Arata Tendo and illustrated by Ryoji Arai. It is quite a serious story about a boy always asking questions. This story is about asking more when others are scared of finding out. The SDG Book Club starts at 14.45 and is open to students in grade 2 and up.

If your child has an after-school activity, but is not eligible for PAL, please do remember that our lovely public library at Dr. Fries Torget (5 mins walk from the school) is a great place to wait. They even have one table where you can eat a snack, and you can get coffee and tea. Upstairs they have tables to do homework, and couches/comfy chairs for quiet reading. They are open Monday, Wednesday and Friday until 16.00. Tuesday and Thursday until 19.00.

We are ready for another great week in the library; looking at things from different perspectives and focusing on well-being for ourselves, others and our planet!


Looking Back and Ahead

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Looking Back

img_0467We had a lot of fun during our Summer Reading Challenge Celebration last Monday. We played a loud card game (with animal sounds!), had some snacks, read a story and poof – the time was up!




Last week, during our library lessons, we brainstormed ideas on how we can take care of the library. We focused our language on what we are doing, rather than on what we are not supposed to be doing. For example: “no running” or “no shouting”. If I say, “no running”, there is a lot of room for interpretation. Maybe it’s still okay to be jumping around, rolling on the floor or do somersaults on the couch? “Walk safely,” is a very clear instruction – no room for a juggling circus! (If You Ever Want to Bring a Circus to the Library, Don’t!)

We worked with the students to phrase their ideas in a positive, active statement. Not easy! Here are some examples of students’ ideas on how to take care of the library.

Then we listened for ideas that came up a lot, and we categorized them. Pretty much every class boiled it down to four to five categories. These will help us make Library Agreements in two weeks time.

Again, I noticed how the students enjoyed their quiet/shared reading time last week. Here are a few impressions:

Looking Ahead

Our focus during the library lesson in week 37, will be on how we check out our books correctly. Many students already know exactly how it works, but we explore why it is important to do it correctly and how we can check if we’ve successfully have checked out our books. 


Our Word of the Week is the IB key concept, Function; How does it work? 

Our Quote of the Week comes from The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires. This story is about trying, and trying again. About succeeding because you see all the good elements in something that might appear completely wrong to you at first. When you’re figuring out how something works, it’s easy to focus on all the things you don’t understand – but it helps if you can look at the parts you do understand and build on that!


On Monday, September 9th, we will have our first Library Club afternoon. We kick off with playing board games. Most likely, Settlers of Catan, as this has been an absolute favorite in previous years! Students from grade 3 and up are welcome on their own. Students from Kindergarten, grade 1 and 2 are welcome accompanied by their parents. We will have several board games to choose from, but you can also bring your own. I’ll be leading the Settlers of Catan game with the students who’d like to play that. 

Some students have some waiting time between end of school (14.30) and their after-school activity. If your child is not eligible for PAL, it might be good to know that very close to our school is our lovely public library at Dr. Fries Torget. A great waiting place to relax and read. There is also a nice cafe at the square, called Café Estelle.

Have a relaxing and fun weekend, and remember to celebrate International Literacy Day tomorrow! One way of celebrating could be treating yourself to a moment to read this guide on How to Raise a Reader More about the book and story behind this guide, read this article in Publishers Weekly.

Happy Reading!