Week 9: Principled

As we are entering the last week of February, we are also beginning our preparation for the Reading Festival in week 12! But first things first…

Usborne Books

The deadline to pre-order Usborne Books is tomorrow! So if you don’t want to miss out on the titles you want, browse the catalog and email Yvonne directly (do NOT order via the website, please): ykenglishbooks@gmail.com. Yvonne will bring your ordered books on March 11th. She will, of course, bring many more books for all of us to browse. With every purchase, you are supporting our school library!

Board Games

We are playing board games this week on Friday, February 28th. We will have Mysterium, Dixit, Tsuro and Chess to play. And whatever else the students bring in!

Read Aloud

After reflecting and discussing our current read aloud with PYP 4D and 4F, we have voted for The Losers Club by Andrew Clement as our next read aloud book. I have read it over the break, loved it, and I am happy to share it with the students!

In PYP 5, we have voted for a new read aloud as well, only then to realize that the classes are mixed up for the next six weeks! So… instead, every week we will read a picture book that will inspire us, make us think, help us relax (exhibition is a busy time!), or make us laugh.

In PYP 2, we will continue reading A Boy Called Bat and in PYP 3, Frindle. We are almost finished with Frindle, and then we will be moving on to the short, and very funny, chapter book The Legend of Spud Murphy by Eoin Colfer.

In PYP 1, we will have a choice this week of picture books connected to being Principled. We will ask the students what they’d like to hear:



As an IB Learner, we strive to be principled. What are examples of being principled in our daily lives? With our families, our school community, and in the wider community? Integrity, honesty, fairness, justice, respect and dignity are big concepts to grasp! We hope to unpack these, a little bit, through our read aloud. You are invited to continue the conversation at home!


Reading Festival (week 12)

Our focus this year is Sharing our Stories, connected to our well-being and sense of beloninging in our school community. Here is a sneak preview of the Reading Festival in week 12: we will have cozy story time in (different) magical places at school (after school), older students will read to the younger ones, students are given time and encouraged to share their stories with the school community, and… our special guest is British author Ali Sparkes! She will be working with the PYP 3 – 5 and LGRP 3 – 5 students. Mark you calendars for Friday, March 20th for the Meet & Greet!

If you have ideas for this special week, or if you would like to help out in any way (read a story to your child’s class, or help set up magical story time, for example), please let us know. We would appreciate it! Thank you!

Languages of India

In our school library, we have a “foreign language” section. French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portugues, Chinese, Japanese, and some Polish, Russian, Arabic, and Farsi are represented, amongst others. We have very, very few books in Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Urdu, … just to name a few of the languages spoken in India. We would like to expand our section of Indian Languages, but these books are hard to find in Sweden! If you have chapter books, picture books are story anthologies in these languages at home that you are willing to donate to the library, we would very much appreciate it! Thank you!

One last thing to say: be blown away by books (not by the wind!). The above illustrations are by Rob Biddulph, referring to his picture book Blown Away. Highly recommended!

Happy Reading!



Week 8: Displays and More

Displays are up! Take a look at the photos below.


This morning, when I had a minute to take a step back and look at what the students were doing in the library, I noticed how they were all engaged in many different ways. The following photos show the variety of their activities: reading together, silent reading, listening to a story, working with the genre stickers, and creating poems together. What a privilege to observe such inquisitive and focused students!

We are looking forward to a great rest of the week!


Week 8: Welcome Back to School!

Back to school means back to the library! We are excited to see all the students again and hear about their (reading) adventures this week.

Recently, I was reccomended a YA (Young Adult) novel titled The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise by Dan Gemeinhart. The way she talked about this book, I knew I had to read it! And I did… it was one of the best I have read in a long time. Full of emotion, but never overly dramatic. You’re living through happy and sad time with the characters, with their thoughts, ideas and decision making proccesses.The same colleague also recommended another book to me: Educated by Tara Westover (a memoir). Which, as it turns out, many of our staff members have read. I am only one third in, but it’s already worth my time. It is a heart wrenching account of someone who grew up not going to school, and her journey into the educational system. As well as many other things! Ah, I could talk about it for some time, but that’s not my point. My point is, often books that are recommended to you by someone (someone who knows you fairly well), are often the books you enjoy the most! (So thank you, Susan!).

This connects to our Learner Profile attribute this week: we will be practicing being effective communicators. We will focus on recommending each other books we have read, and our friends might enjoy. It can be books we have in the library, or titles we have at home. The idea is to inspire each other to read something new, something different!

Our displays this week will promote our anthology books and survival stories. Anthologies are books with a collection of stories in it. Sometimes these stories are organized by a theme (pirates, bed time, adventure). Perfect if you would like to try something new, or if you are interested in reading stories with a different voice, pacing, characters, etc. Our titles with survival stories are exciting, interesting stories and give us a great insight into someone else’s perspective.

We have new dates for our Board Games afternoons (please note that there are some changes to previously announced dates):

play Board Games with us!

Yvonne will be at our school with Usborne Books on March 11th. If you would like to pre-order books, please email her directly: ykenglishbooks@gmail.com. Browse the catalog here: https://org.usbornebooksathome.co.uk/ykenglishbooks/ The latest day to pre-order is Monday, February 24th.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! See our contact page on this blog for details.

Book Quirks

Happy Reading!




Usborne Book Sale: March 11th

It is this time of year again: the Usborne Book Sale is happening on March 11th. This is also the day of the PYP Developmental Talks. And… it is the week before our Reading Festival in week 12. So the Usborne Book Sale is a great warm-up to get in the mood for our Reading Festival week, in which we celebrate the art of storycrafting and reading! British Author Ali Sparkes will be our guest of honor.

As always, you can pre-order your books directly with Yvonne: ykenglishbooks@gmail.com. To browse the catalog follow this link: https://org.usbornebooksathome.co.uk/ykenglishbooks/ Remember to contact Yvonne directly if you’d like to pre-order your books.

The deadline for pre-ordering is Monday, February 24th. And remember… by buying Usborne Books, you are supporting the school library! The more books are sold, the more Usborne Books we will be able to choose for free for our library collection. A win-win situation!

Read Yvonne’s letter for more information: Usborne letter to parents dev talks ISGR march 2020

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact either Fleur or Yvonne.

Happy Reading!



Happily Looking Back

We have had a great week in the library! The after-school community week activities were a great success. Take a look for yourself…

Magnetic Poetry throughout the week (during library time):

Monday: Black Out Poetry

Tuesday: Book Silhouette Craft

Thursday: Wrecking Ball Read Aloud

Friday: Board Games (Mysterium, and others!)

General Coziness in the library:

Look out for the next post about the pre-ordering of Usborne Books! Yvonne will be here with Usborne Books on March 11th, during the PYP Developmental Talks.

Happy Reading!

Week 6: Community Week

We can look back at an inspiring, creative and fun week with Per Gustavsson (for the LGRP F – 2 and PYP K – 2 students). And now we’re looking ahead to another great week in the library.

Last week, we have worked with the genre symbols that we use in our school library. We have added a few, such as “humor”, “pet animal stories”, “wild animal stories”, “horse stories” and “love stories”. We connected this to being knowledgeable, and how learning all of this can help you make decisions when choosing a best fit book.


Next week, we will focus on being caring. Students have the option to read to each other, choose a fun book for each other, and share ideas with us how you can be caring in the library. We will also introduce the magnetic poetry activity, where students can create poems together during library time.

After school (14.30 – 15.15ish) student are welcome to join in with the following activities:

Monday 3/2: Black Out Poetry. We use a page from a(n old) book, and read it. Which words combined could make a poem? These words are then either highlighted, or all the other words are blacked out. And of course, at the end, we will share the poems with each other!

Blackout poetry

Tuesday 4/2: Silhouette Book Craft. Materials are provided, unless you’d like to bring an old hardcover book yourself.

Example 1

Thursday 6/2: Wrecking Ball (Newest Diary of the Wimpy Kid) Read Aloud. All students attending the read aloud, can put in their name to be drawn for the reservation queue for the Wrecking Ball. If you can’t attend, then you can of course put in your reservation the next day.

Wrecking Ball

Friday 7/2: Board Games. Bring your own, or play what we have (Chess, Dixit, Tsuro, etc.). I will be leading a game of Mysterium (if they haven’t sold out by Wednesday!).


We are looking forward to seeing you there!

And one last thing…

… Reading turns your world upside down!

Thank you, Per!

Big thank you to Per Gustavsson for his stories, his art, and sharing his creative wisdom with us! Thank you to our amazing ISGR students for their enthusiasm, open mind, and their monsters! Thank you to Mia, Per, and all the students, teachers and parents who attended the Meet & Greet for making it successful and meaningful!