Easter Eggs: Lena, Justin and Carl

Lena Sjöberg

Lena Sjöberg left us a very special Easter Egg. When I asked her to join the virtual ISGR Easter Egg Hunt, she mailed me a package with a note and the following contents:


We will add Lena’s two books to our library collection. As for the thirteen bookmarks…

Write a poem, then either write or type it onto an A4. Make it so it catches your eye, and it makes someone want to read your poem. If you are willing to share, we will hang them up in our school library.

Justin D’Ath

Found it!

Listen to Justin D’Ath’s story about a very special egg. Specially read to you, and recorded by, the author himself! From Australia to Sweden, just for you. Happy Listening!

Carl Flint

Illustrator Carl Flint left us an Easter coloring page..

Download the pdf, print it… and have fun!


Happy Drawing!