Reading Festival 2020

Welcome to a special spot at our library blog for Reading Festival 2020! On this page you will find information about what has happened, and photos of the event itself.

Reading Festival is a week to celebrate the magic of reading and writing stories, of sharing stories, of read alouds and story telling. Thanks for celebrating with us!

Every day, during school hours, had a different focus. A schedule is listed below, as well as how you can prepare for it. We have refrained from holding assemblies, after-school events and an on-site book sale due to the recommendations surrounding the corona virus pandemic.

Monday: Dress Up Day

Dress up like a book character! Please don’t buy special (expensive!) ready-made costumes. Be creative with what you (and the rest of your family) have in your wardrobes, or make your own with cardboard, paper, etc. Students are not required to dress up, but it is always very fun to see all sorts of book characters come to life in our school building!

Sophie as Wally 2




Tuesday: Bring Your Favorite Book

Bring your favorite book to school and share it with your friends. The class teacher will find a moment during the school day where students can share their favorite book, and why it’s their favorite book. If you don’t have a favorite book, bring a book you really, really like!

We’ve had some great favorite book sharing here in the library! Most students brought books from home to share, or ones that are available from the library. Look and listen to the reasons why students think these books are the best:

Fleur’s all time favorite: “The Solitaire Mystery”, orignally written in Norwegian. I read it the first time in Dutch, as an 11 year old. One of my latest favorites: “Saving Fable”. Sorry, we don’t have this one in the library (yet)!
Sophie's Faves
A few of Sophie’s favorites…


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Wednesday: D.E.A.R.

Drop Everything And Read! Lee, Cathy and Marianne (our (deputy) principals), will go around the school once (or maybe twice?!) that day with a loud bell. This means that all students and teachers should drop what they are doing and read silently for some time. Be ready with a book!

Reading, reading, and more reading. That’s what we did today! ūüôā¬†



Thursday: Read-A-Thon

In previous years, we have held the Read-A-Thon in the library after school. This year, students will do this at home. The idea is to raise money for the school library. The student gets to decide which book(s) we should buy with the money they’ve raised. More details on how to participate, you will find in the pdf below.

Week 19_ Read-A-Thon 2020 (English)

Last night and this morning (May 7th, 7:46 AM), I have already received five swish payments for the Read-A-Thon event! Fantastic, thank you!

Please remember to¬†return the form¬†to me with your child’s NAME and requested BOOK TITLE. That way, we can purchase the book with the money your child raised, catalog the book, and make sure¬†your¬†child is the first¬†one¬†to check out the book from our library.¬†

On Friday, May 15th, we will place the order for the requested titles. So please hand in the Read-A-Thon form, plus cash/swish payment before Thursday, May 14th. 

Thank you for your enthusiasm, support and participation!

Friday: Tell A Story

On this day, students can either listen to a story, read a story, or tell a story to their friends or teachers. It can be a story they’ve written, it can be a story they’ve heard from their families, or a story they read once. The point is: engaging with friends in story telling.

Class PYP 4D prepared a story for us! It is based on the book, “How to Catch a Leprachaun”, which is read aloud here.

Thanks to Rebecca and 4D students for their story telling video performance!

Students have received their Usborne Books on Friday as well! And see below for a photo of our free Usborne Books: a great mix of classics, non-fiction, and new fiction. Your Usborne Books purchase supports our school library. Thank you!


We also have:

STORY WALL: The wall in the main hallway in our school (from the reception area to the nurse’s office) will be dedicated to stories. Students and teachers are invited to create an A4-story. It can be the beginning of a story, one sentence, an illustration or a comic. Anything that sparks imagination and makes you want to know (or imagine!) the rest of the story.

MAKE YOUR OWN BOOK: Students are welcome to write and craft their own book. There will be a special box in the library where are the “homemade” books are kept. These books can be browsed and read in our library.


BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS: Everyone is welcome to create a book recommendation to someone else. This can be in written form, or purely visual. Whatever is your style! The idea is that someone else might read/look at your book recommendation, and wants to read the book! You can find some templates below:





QUIZ WALK: Students are invited to, individually or in small groups, to walk the quiz walk and answer the ten questions spread around the school. The quiz walk is both in English and Swedish.

RF 2020 Quiz WalkANSWER KEY RF 2020 Quiz WalkRF 2020 Quiz Walk SWEDISH