Reading Festival 2021

Welcome to our annual Reading Festival! And welcome to our Special Event page! Every evening, we will post our daily video messages from Sophie and myself (which the students will see in the morning with their classes), as well as footage and stories of the day itself. It will become our Reading Festival journal, for all our ISGR community members to read, watch and enjoy!

Monday: Rap your way through the day!

The idea for today is that you rap your way through the day! You try to speak in rhyme; if you can every time! Like; let’s go play outside, let’s go down the slide!

Tuesday: Tongue-twister Tuesday

Practice a tongue-twister, in English or another language. Share it with your friends, teach them – and learn theirs.

Wednesday: Recite a poem

Memorize a poem, and recite it for your class. If you find that a bit scary, recite it in front of a few friends.

Thursday: Dress up as a book character

Today, you can dress up as a book character! A few rules: no full face masks (face paint is okay!) and no weapons (wands are okay!). Also, no scary costumes or face paints; save that for Halloween! Guess your friends’ costumes; which book character are they? Why did they choose that one?

Our subscription to WordPress doesn’t allow us to put more videos on this special event page, but I think I can embed them via my Vimeo account(s).

Watch this slideshow to see a selection of the amazing book character costumes! We weren’t able to take photos of everyone who had dressed up. But even in these corona times, when so much is digital and virtual, not everything needs to be documented and shared. Aren’t the stories about this super fun dress-up day that your child tells you, worth more than a thousand pictures? To see their lit up faces and the twinkle in their eye when they tell you about their teacher’s or friend’s crazy costume, or that they saw their principal walking down the hallway as Pinoccio?!

Friday: Read-A-Thon (at home)

A fun way to raise money for our school library. Challenge yourself to read as long as you can! Ask your friends and family to sponsor you. You can suggest book titles for the library, that we can buy using the money you raised! It’s fun if you can do this on the Friday, but you can choose any day of the Easter Break too.

Complete this REVISED Read-A-Thon form, and return it after the Easter Break (students who are interested will get this form during their library lesson in week 13):

UPDATE: This morning (12/4), I already received quite a few sponsor payments through swish. Thank you! The last day to swish is Wednesday, April 14th. When you swish, please state the student’s name and class.

Students who participated in the Read-A-Thon should hand in their form to Sophie or myself, as we would like to know what their book wishes are (i.e. which book, or what kind of book, we will be buying from their sponsor money). 

Sophie and I have decided that this is the last year that the money raised during the ISGR Read-A-Thon is going to our school library. Next year, we would like to find an under-funded (school/hospital/children’s) library or an organization that promotes reading, who can use our donations. Preferably in Sweden, close to home. At this point, our school library is incredibly well-stocked, and students have agency in the books we choose to add to our library collection. In other words, we think it is appropriate that next year our ISGR Read-A-Thon fundraiser will be held with others in mind who are not as privileged as we are. 

Quiz “Walk”

(My apologies for any mistakes in the Swedish language version!)