Rules & Routines

Library Routines:

  • Each student will borrow one or two book(s) during the library lesson. We encourage every student to pick a book that is a good fit. In the first six weeks of school (in line with our Responsive Classroom approach), students will become familiar with our library and the routines. In the first two weeks of school, students will check out one book only. From the third week, students are allowed to borrow up to two books during the library lesson.
  • If students or parents wish to borrow more books, you are welcome to come after school to choose and check-out books. See below for opening hours.
  • Students will bring their library book(s) back after one week, on the day they have their library lesson. It is the child’s responsibility to take care of the book and return it on time. Please encourage your child to do so! Students may renew their loan, and keep their library book for another week, if they wish.
  • If students have any overdue loans, we expect them to do the best they can to return their book(s) as soon as possible. If they have lost or damaged the book(s), we will ask for a replacement copy or to pay for the lost/damaged book.

Library After School:

Students are welcome after school until 3pm to choose and check-out books or to read. Students can also listen to stories, or do their own work.

It is not allowed to eat or drink in the library.

Book Donations:

We are always happy to accept book donations! We are, however, going to critically decide which books to cover, catalog and shelve and which books we pass on the a second hand store. We are looking mostly for books that are in good shape, hardcover and recently published. We welcome all languages.