Celebration, Community Week and Podcasts

Last Friday, we had a moment of celebration when Sophie cataloged the very last book of the backlog we inherited in August 2016, when I stepped into the Library Teacher role. Hurray! (Of course, she hasn’t been just cataloging the backlog. We have had many new and donated books that we have labeled, covered, cataloged and put on the shelves for our students to read.)

Week 4 will be Community Week at ISGR. This means we will have Read Alouds every day in the library, after school. Starting around 14.35, ending around 15.00. We will have a mix of teachers, parents and principals reading aloud. All students and parents are invited!

On Friday, January 25th, we will have a board game afternoon. Students are welcome to bring their own board game, or play the ones we have in the library. We will start right at 14.30, and at 15.15 we will clean up, ending at 15.30. Students and their parents are welcome!

Our Question of the Week will be, “How can we be Thinkers in the library?”. We will practice reading stories in a critical, awake way… thinking to ourselves, “I wonder…” as we read.

I would like to conclude this post, with a few recommendations for podcasts for your children, related to reading and stories:

  • Lu & Bean Read: by and for kids. Two children are discussing (mostly) picture books, and interviewing authors and illustrators. Fun & informative!
  • Circle Round: where it is always story time! Stories from all over the world are told by different people. Wide age range, and short episodes.
  • What If World: “What If” questions from children are spun into stories. Super fun and imaginative.
  • The Guardian’s Children’s Books Podcast: this podcast also discusses teen and young adult books, so make sure your child listens to an episode that is age appropriate. It is a mix of book reviews and author interviews.

As we are modernizing our listening stations, we would love to hear about your favorite podcasts connected to reading, audio books and storytelling!

Our displays for the next few weeks, will be on Judy Blume, Community Week and our new books of course. Come and take a look!

Happy Reading,


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