Book Fair And More Air

And poof! The Reading Festival is finished. Next week, in our library lessons, the students and I will be reflecting on the activities and learning that happened during the Reading Festival last week. This helps us plan for next year’s event. If you’d like to share any of your child(ren)’s responses to the Reading Festival, please email me with anecdotes! The Reading Festival is partly funded by the Creative School grant from the National Arts Council, and we need to provide them with quite extensive reflections in order to apply for the grant next year again.

Yvonne sold many beautiful Usborne Books during the Book Fair. The grand total coming to 10 670 SEK, which means we can choose for 4 268 SEK in total of Usborne Books for our school library! We have chosen a variety of fiction and non-fiction, for different reading levels and areas of interest. Thanks to you!

The students who joined the Read-A-Thon raised a total of 2736 SEK (and I think there are still a few students who will bring their sponsor money next week, so the number might grow!). Thank you reading students and sponsoring parents!

As you know, the school building is being intensely renovated with the goal to improve the ventilation. The air flow in the library will be improved with extra pipes hung from the ceiling, and going down through the floor, connecting to the larger system of ventilation. This will happen on Tuesday afternoon (starting at 14.30), Wednesday all day and Thursday all day this week. The library will be closed during that time. As was noted on ManageBac, please arrange for an alternative place to be if you(r children) usually spend time in the library during that time.

On Wednesday, March 20th it will be World Story Telling Day! There is an evening event of story telling in Swedish, Spanish and Chinese happening in the City Library on Tuesday, March 19th. There is also an online story telling event on Saturday, March 23rd you can stream. But I think the best way to celebrate World Story Telling Day, is to sit around the table with your family, and tell stories you have heard from your (grand)parents, from a culture and time your children are not living in right now. I am sure your child(ren) will have many stories to add to your family treasury of stories!

On Friday, March 22nd, we will have our Board Game afternoon again in the library after school, starting at 14.30. We will play Settlers of Catan (a cooperative, trading and building game) again, but students are welcome to play chess or bring their own board game to play with (new) friends.



The City of Gothenburg always has something fun and interesting to do. Our Portuguese community is putting on a film festival and on Saturday, March 23rd you can watch animated short films in the City Library. Most are without words, and purely visual. From 10.00 – 11.00 (ages 3 – 6) and 11.30 – 12.30 (ages 7 – 12), free admission. It fits in perfectly with World Story Telling day! Hope to see you there!


Happy Reading and Story Telling!

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