Library Dates!

Today’s post is about dates and times of things happening in the library. So pull out your calendar and a pencil (or phone?!), and save the dates!

Only returning books: The students will have their last library lesson next week (3 – 5 June). Please remind your child(ren) to return ALL their library books. Next week is also the time when we go through all accounts and check for overdue books. You might receive an email with the question if you could please look for this or that book, and return ASAP. The library is open in week 24, if students still need to return books. Thank you in advance for your support!

Yellow Box: On Tuesday, June 4th, you are invited for the portfolio afternoon at school. Stop by our library (between 14.30 – 15.30) to have a look at our books from the Yellow Box. All these books have been withdrawn from our library, and are free to a good home. 

SDG Book Club #2 Zero Hunger: Our second SDG book club session takes places NOT on Monday, 10th June after school, but on Wednesday June 12th during the lunch break (12.50 – 13.20). I will communicate this to the students who attended the last session. If your child is interested in participating in this second session, they’re welcome to!

ISGR Summer Scholastic Book Club/Sale: The Scholastic Books you have ordered are on their way (sent from England today!). We are hoping they will arrive before or on June 5th. This will allow us (library volunteers and I) to sort them out and get them ready to hand out to the students. Students will receive their books on Monday, June 10th.

In next week’s blog, we would like to reveal our re-organization plans for the library, as well as our plans with the generous donation from the PTA!

I would like to end this post with a visual explanation from Kath Murdoch of what teaching through inquiry is. Last week, four colleagues and I were lucky to attend an inspiring two-day course “Nurturing agency through inquiry in the PYP classroom” by Kath Murdoch. It got my mind going with a few new ideas for next year… Teachers are also inquiring learners!



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