Creative School Votes Results

This is what our library lesson will look like next week (please remember to return ALL your library books!):


Our Read Alouds will be connected to the IB key concept “change”.


The ISGR students have voted for creative workshops/activities, as part of the Creative School (Skapande Skolan) project. It is an initiative of the National Council of the Arts (Kulturrådet). We will be applying again for the funding this year, to make all these creative workshops/activities happen. Here follow the results of the voting (which is what we will include in our application). This is for next school year, so 2020 – 2021. If your child is in, for example, PYP 1 now – look for the results for PYP 2. I have taken into account that the PYP 1s have voted for next year, so their top vote translates into what we are planning for PYP 2. Fingers crossed we receive the funding again this year!

PYP K + 1 and LGRP F + 1: Musical Theatre (Dance, drama and singing)

PYP 2 + 3 and LGRP 2 + 3: Circus

PYP 4 + LGRP 4: Graphic Design, connected to character/story development

PYP 5 + LGRP 5: Photography

These are the preferences, and we hope to make this happen. But we cannot guarantee it!

Hope there is light in your hearts and families on this very rainy, gray day!

Book with light

Happy Reading!


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