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Thank you

As I was taking a short tram ride the other day, I saw many people sitting and looking at their phones. Literally, looking. Scrolling and scrolling. I wasn’t sure if they were fully taking in what they were seeing on their screens. So much is out there. So much information, thoughts, ideas, texts, images, videos. A lot.

And to add to all of that, I am writing another chunk of something to look at. Another something to scroll through. I do hope this bit sticks with you though. I hope it becomes a moment shared with your child, looking together at the photos of the new books. I hope it becomes something you talk about during dinner, “Did you know that they’ve finally put up lights in the library?”.

So thank you. Thank you for taking a moment to read the latest about our school library. Feel free to leave comments! It is only an easy click to follow the blog. That way you will never miss out on what is happening in the library. And you will never run out of things to scroll through. 😉 The biggest news is saved for the last bit of this post…

Board Games Afternoon

First things first: we had a blast last Monday during the board games afternoon. We tried a new game called Tsuro. You can play Tsuro competitively or cooperatively. Either way, it’s fun!  We had another group of students playing Dixit.

Here are the new dates for the board games:

Friday, January 10th

Monday, January 20th

Friday, January 31st

Monday, February 17th

Friday, February 28th

Monday, March 9th


“Why are we not checking out books this week?” We heard this question a lot last week. There are several reasons: It gives us the chance to check for lost books (sometimes they are simply misplaced). It gives students an extra push to search for books that had been “lost” in their homes, lockers, etc. It gives us time to follow up on long overdue books. When all the books come back (also the favorite ones that hardly ever touch the shelf), students can see the full range of books we have when they come back in January.

Lights and Displays

We now have clouds and balloons floating around in the back room. Cozy lamps to get us through these dark afternoons! We also have two new display shelves up on the wall. Thank you to our caretaker Michael, who put them up for us.

Welcome PYP K

Welcome to PYP Kindergarten classes who will be visiting the library every other week, starting after the winter break. We are very excited that they will now have the chance to check out a book from our school library. We will start with one book per visit, just so they can get used to the library routines. Sophie has cataloged a whole bunch of new picture books (at least twenty!) especially for our new library patrons. And thank you to our volunteer Gaëlle who has created new accounts for all the PYP K students.

Ready for 2020!

The library is all set up and ready for the students in January. We will be reading, thinking and talking about being a risk-taker, about being courageous. We will continue with our read alouds. There is a lot to unpack in these stories!


We will also explore books to choose “If you like… Diary of Wimpy Kid/Dork Diaries/Tom Gates, Harry Potter, Amulet, Pokémon…, you might want to try…”. The new displays will be connected to that. Right now though, the displays are taken over by…

The New Graphic Books

At last, they are here! They are available! Ready to check out! (One per person, please!). We are so excited to have these beautiful books on our shelves. Thank you again, PTA for the very generous donation! We can’t wait for the students to read, enjoy and share them! Take a look at the photos for our new titles in the Graphics Section:

The End

With that, we would like to end this post with a God Jul & Gott Nytt År wish for you and your family. We hope you have a fun and restful winter break. We are looking forward to seeing our students again in January!

Have a great start of 2020! And what a better way to start the new year then to…


Happy Reading!




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