Week 18: Preparing for Reading Festival

Usborne Books Sale

There is magic in being able to browse the books, touch them, open them and ask Yvonne questions right there and then. There is something irresistible about your child’s big puppy eyes begging you to “pleeaase” buy the book. It feels like there are many layers between an online book sale invitation and actually holding your purchased books in your hands. We understand that, and we will definitely have our on-site real-life Usborne Book Sales as soon as we can!

So thank you to all the ISGR families who dove in and participated in the first ever virtual Usborne Book Sale! Your purchases support our school library with even more beautiful, fun and informative Usborne Books in our collection. 

If you still would like to order last-minute, you can email Yvonne directly with your order: ykenglishbooks@gmail.com. Thank you!

Read Alouds

As promised, here are the read alouds for this week: the last ones to be recorded and posted. We will continue reading the novels during our library times from next week on. So catch up on them if you haven’t listened to them before!

New Displays

More new and exciting books are on display in our library! Displays are focused on our Reading Festival in week 19, Mindfulness, New Swedish Fiction and Fractured Fairy Tales.


Reading Festival Information

All the Reading Festival information is now posted on a special tab you can find on the homepage of this blog. Or follow this link: https://isgrguldlibrary.blog/reading-festival-2020

Library Time Week 18

During our library time next week, we will catch up on our read alouds (what happened in the stories, the chapters we recorded and posted), as well as preparing for our Reading Festival in week 19.


Happy Weekend,

Happy Reading!



my weekend is all booked


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