Week 2: Welcome back!

Dear Readers,

Welcome back to school, welcome back to your school library! We hope you had a restful and fun break, with lots of reading and book discoveries!

General Library News

We hope many students have answered the ten questions for the ISGR Winter Reading Challenge 21 – 22! Students hand in their answer sheets during their first library lesson of this term. This means Monday 17/1 is the last day to give your forms to us! By the end of next week, we will then know how many students have participated, if we can have the Matilda Movie Night (or if we need to postpone it due to the new regulations), and if we can – how many Matilda Movie Nights we will need to organize! We will keep you posted, of course!

We’re a bit behind with the Storytime magazine, but number 88 is out (as well as 89, but that one is still on its way to us from England) and soon available in our library! Check out THIS resource pack, with lots of information on different festivals.

We’ve got a trial subscription to the Storytime Hub. There, you can read and listen to all the stories from the Storytime Magazine. A wonderful reading resource!   If you’d like to to try it out, email me at fleur.doornberg-puglisi@staff.isgr.se and I’ll make you an account which will be accessible until 28/2. Update 10/1, 7.17 PM: All 20 accounts have been given out now. I will contact Storytime Hub to see if we can get more trial accounts.

PYP Library Times

This week, during our library lesson, we will start with playing the conductor’s game and we will have a moment of check-in after the holidays. We will remind ourselves of the library lesson rules and routines. We will also share a book you’ve discovered or read (but not Matilda, please). So students can bring any new book discoveries to their library lesson this week! All genres and languages welcome, of course! If they’d like, they can tell us about their book and why they were excited to read it. I will share the book discovery I did during these past holidays: Treasury of Magical Tales From Around the World by Donna Jo Napoli and illustrated by Christina Balit. For each class, I will read a different story – depending on their current unit of inquiry.

My book discovery

We’ve got some new books on our displays!

Students have enjoyed borrowing and reading these non-fiction titles, so we keep this up for a little while longer.
All of the fiction titles from our Scholastic Book Sale are now cataloged and available! We’ve still got some non-fiction title to come…
Elise Gravel writes and illustrates a variety of books, and we love them! If Covid-regulations permit, she will be visiting our school to work with our students in May!

We are looking forward to a readingful term!

See you soon!

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