Done and Going to Do

We have had a great week! We have seen many students who showed us exactly how to put the books where they belong. Even though most of us know how to browse books and how take care of them, it is still a good idea to interactively model an important skill like that. In line with the Responsive Classroom practices, it is best to proactively communicate and model the expected behavior, rather than assume students already know a certain skill, and then get frustrated when the students don’t put the books back where they belong.

It was so much fun playing board games last Tuesday! Great to see many familiar and also new faces. Some students joined in with our Dixit game, others played independently and made friends in the process!

On Tuesday, September 15th, we will have the next session for our Aquarium Club. We hope to see all students who were there last time to join us again. (Sorry, we can’t take on any more members at this time!). Here’s a photo from our brainstorm session last time:

Next week at ISGR, we will focus on our health and wellbeing. Students are encouraged to reflect on their lifestyle choices as healthy (and unhealthy!) habits are established very early on!

We are trying to keep up with the book series we currently have in our library. This means purchasing the latest installments, as well as replacing lost copies. We now have the complete set of the Alex Rider series!

Complete Alex Rider Series

Before the summer, we bought many autobiographies in Swedish of inspiring, important figures. Here they are, in case you missed them:

Exciting news for our Grade 4 and 5 students (both LGRP and PYP students): British author Ali Sparkes is coming to our school and will lead writing workshops! We had planned for her to come last March, but that was the peak of the corona pandemic, so we had to cancel. Now she will be at our school in week 40, Wednesday through Friday. We will have a special (COVID-19 adjusted) Meet & Greet on Friday, October 2nd. More information about that (how to purchase her books and have them signed) will be posted on this blog on September 20th!

Next week in the library we will remind ourselves what it means to find a “just right” book. Through stories, practice and sharing, students will learn how to find a “just right” book. Depending on the reading level and developmental stage the students are in, we approach the “just right” book idea from different angles. See below for examples.

To conclude this blog post, we would like to draw your attention the International Dot Day occuring on Tuesday, September 15th. How will you celebrate?

We are looking forward to a great week!

Happy Reading,

Your Library Team

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