Caring Conversation

Last week we started our library lesson asking ourselves, “What is buddhism? What does it mean to be a buddhist?” In almost every class there were two or three students who were able to tell us a bit about it. One student, in grade one, said: “I think it means you sit like this a lot” and he sat like a buddha! Another student, in grade five, said that buddhist can see things from different perspectives. The example this student gave was when buddhists see a waving flag, they don’t see the flag moving but the wind that is moving it. Several students made connections with Jainism as well. We’ve learned many new things from each other!

We’ve read the story The Hare in the Moon. With every class, I stopped at the same points and asked for predictions or reflections. In the story, hare wants to care for others, and give the hungry man that was traveling through their woods, food. The hare realized that while he could not collect food like the others, he could offer something else. The students in the younger years suggested that the hare could give the hungry man water, or even carrots. The students in the older years all saw that the hare realized that he could offer himself. The students in 2nd and 3rd grade were divided between the “carrots” option and offering himself. All students, lower and higher grades, were still shocked by this idea!

After the story, we moved the conversation to sharing what kind of generous things you have done for others, or what kind of generous things someone has done for you. We made a differentiation between material things (I gave candy to my friend) and actions that involved care, attention and time (My mom helped me with my work at home).

Last week, we had our first two days of workshops with Cirkus Unik. The students and teachers were very positive, and they had a lof of fun! Thank you, Cirkus Unik teachers! They’ll be back next week again for two more days.

Next week during our library lesson, we will read stories related to Mother’s Day (Sunday, 30th of May here in Sweden), and families. I will share fact books with them on different kind of families. After the story we can share stories about our families, and what we like about them!

Issue 80 of the Storytime magazine has finally arrived from England! We are very happy, and students will be able to check this magazine out from next week on.

The Summer break is coming up! I can’t believe another school year has already, almost, come to an end. Here’s an overview of what the next four weeks will look like:

Week 21 (24/5 – 28/5): Read aloud & circle time, return/check out books, but we will not place any reservations for the students!

Week 22 (31/5 – 4/6): Read aloud & circle time, return/check out books, return all public library books! (We have currently 40 public library books out on loan for our students).

Week 23 (7/6 – 11/6): Read aloud & circle time, just returning books! Color/folding bookmarks, chess, magnetic poetry, logical games. We will be chasing overdues by sending parents emails to help their child find and return ALL library books! Introduction ISGR Summer Reading Challenge 2021!

Week 24 (14/6 – 16/6): No library lessons, but classes can come up to have some quiet reading time during their library time with their teacher (teacher’s discretion).

LGRP classes will be returning during weeks  23 AND 24 depending on the classes schedule. Teachers and children will be told but any unclear parents can contact Sophie to check ( 

We are looking forward to four fantastic last weeks with your fantastic children!


Sophie & Fleur

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