Ready for Reading Break

Another beautiful week! Maybe you have started the Halloween celebrations already (we sure did!), or maybe you’re getting ready for the Fall Break/Höst Lov. Whatever you’re doing, we hope this message finds you well!

General Library News

All the photos of the photography workshops are up! It’s been fun to see students stopping and talking about the photos. Hopefully they see that the photos represent the concept of “community” and what that can mean to different people.

The Höst Lov, is also called Läs Lov here in Sweden. The idea is that families are encouraged to read tons during this break! We have found and created two reading bingos you can complete. There are no prices or presents from our side, but hopefully lots of instrinsic reading fun and fullfilment from your side!

Also downloadable as pdf below (“ISGR Reading Bingo”)

From today until October 31st is the Seriefest i Väst happening! With lots of on-site and virtual workshops about comics, cartoons and graphic novels. Most events are held in Swedish. Check HERE for the program and more details.

There’s another great free virtual event: Parents Night, Graphix Got Me Reading. It is run by Scholastic and it is about how graphic novels can help your children become fluent readers. It takes place in the Fall Break, on November 3rd.

This upcoming Friday will be Halloween dress-up day! We are looking forward to see lots of great costumes (no masks, face paints or weapons though), and maybe we will even recognize some book characters in the crowd!

PYP Library Times

Last week, in Foundation and First Grade, we read The Happy Women from the Storytime Magazine. In that story the queen thought that by buying and owning lots of things, she would experience true happiness. The peasant woman in the story was content with life as it was, and felt very happy. I asked the students what they think would make the queen happy. One of the students said that she would need to be more balanced and find peace in herself, and someone else said that she should start doing things herself instead of having everything done by her servants. How insightful! We shared in our circle things, people, places or actions that make us happy! Lots of students said that playing with their friends made them happy. But we heard many different things, from school to home, from playing with siblings or at home with their toys, or coming to the library (which made me happy!).

In the other grades, we continued to with our read aloud books. We reminded ourselves of our story time agreements, which helped us focus on the story and make the most of our time together.

It was interesting to read a story of Rama and Sita in Fourth Grade. So many students could add details, or share different versions they had heard. Many made connections to other stories they had heard. We are always learning from each other!

This week, we will focus on the connections we can make with the stories. When you’re listening to the story, search in yourself for what you already know about this story. What is new to you? This can be concepts, vocabulary, or facts. These guiding questions help us listening with attention and processing what we’ve read in order to remember what we’ve heard. It is also easier to remember what the story was about, if we’ve been able to connect it to some part of ourselves.

We wish everyone a fantastic Fall Break/Höstlov/Läslov! And see you back at school, and here at the blog, on Monday November 8th!

Happy Reading!

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