Week 11: Pause and Think

Good Morning! A short message from me today. Mostly displays and new books. Happy Reading!

General Library News

Today is Mathematics Day here in Sweden! It’s not often that we highlight non-fiction titles focused on math, so I will gladly take this opportunity to make a math display!

New books! Every week, Sophie catalogs new books. Thank you to our volunteer Patty for covering tons and tons of books for us!

PYP Library Times

This week in our library times, I will encourage students to pause and think before they choose their books. Roaming around the library, checking out the displays, considering what other people are reading are all good ways to find a “just right” book. But it’s also an idea to pause and think for a minute. What do I want to read? What am I interested in? What is my purpose for reading this book? What matches my reading level? This is part of the I-PICK method of choosing a book. This week is full of questions, and maybe some answers!

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